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Apr 14, 2012 01:54 PM

Mexican food, Ffld, Cty.

HELP! I need a place this weekend for a large family with well behaved kids that has great Mexican food. Please help me......

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  1. How big of a party, and how Mexican must the food be? The bigger places tend to be less authentic.

    Our go-to places have recently been Los Molcajetes and Tacos Mexico, both in (east) Norwalk. I have seen them accommodate families as well as groups of guys watching soccer. Of the 2, Tacos Mexico has the slightly nicer decor.

    The new location of Casa Villa on the East Side of Stamford has very good Mexican food, and could accommodate a family nicely. It is brighter and newer than either of the Norwalk spots.

    Another suggestion, not really Mexican, is either location of Brasitas (Stamford or Norwalk). The food is very good, but pan-Latin. Another choice could be Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan (which I sometimes consider not really Mexican as well), with adequate food but a pleasant dining room that is quite used to kids.

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      Also Box Car Cantina in Greenwich is very good and can do large groups.

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        I concur with Casa Villa (the new location) and tacos meixo (depending on how large of a group you are talking). Up county I also like El Coyote in Newtown

        1. re: Ima Foodie

          +1 El Coyote, guacamole made tableside.

        2. re: SteveSCT

          Sorry, 3 adults & 6 well behaved kids! So we need Great adult dishes as well as good tacos and quesadillas. ( Our company is still here, and a neighbor insisted on us going to Fonda La Paloma.....not really worth the trip. I would rather only go from Stamford and travel North a bit. If you know of one, please let me know. Thanks again!

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            I'll stick with the Casa Villa on E. Main St in Stamford - I think they can accommodate your group and its needs pretty well. (And I agree with you on Fonda La Paloma - not a fan.)


            1. re: SteveSCT

              Thanks so much. Have you tried the new Mexican grill in Norwalk written up last week in Ct Bites?? ( forgot the name! )

              1. re: temilove

                No, I had never heard of Don Carmelo's (just looked it up) prior to that post. Considering that I think CT Bites has morphed into more of a mechanism for restaurant publicists than a source of unvarnished information, I treated the lukewarm (but well-written) review as a negative one. I would be interested to hear some feedback on this site.

                Where did you end up going for your dinner?

                1. re: SteveSCT

                  We went to Casa Villa last night. ( thanks again. ) The adults loved it! The food was very good...fresh and tasty. The kids were sad they could not make hard shell tacos. They do not carry them nor do they have ground beef to make them anyway! But, otherwise everything else was great. lots of food for the $. Thanks again! Great Margaritas....SPICY!!!

                  1. re: temilove

                    Glad to have helped. The hard shell taco confusion can occur when the restaurant is truly Mexican, since hard shell tacos with ground beef are actually Tex-Mex (i.e. American). Hopefully the kids had a chance to sample some of the other fillings.

                    1. re: SteveSCT

                      They enjoyed some burritos instead! They will learn what's good!

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            New to this area want clean, more organic and not expensive. Any type of ethnic foods and Help I forget how to make my own posts. Thank you very much.

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              New to the area? You've been around here for years! To start a new post, click the START NEW THREAD button, it's right at the top on the left.