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Apr 14, 2012 01:44 PM

Praising Service (at a fast food chain)

When it comes to service, I assume most letters, e-mails, calls, etc that chains receive are complaints. One night I ran into KFC and there were about five people in front of me and within about three minutes it was my turn. The two kids behind the counter started rapping in asking me what I wanted and kept it going while they filled my order. Within about 45 seconds, I was bagged and paid. I thanked them and started to leave. Turned around and gave them a $5 tip. I went home and a few hours later, I was still laughing at how great it was. I wrote a long complimentary e-mail to KFC.

Not expecting this happens to often, but has anyone else received such great service at a fast food joint that they tipped and/or wrote a letter about it?

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  1. After about a 10-15 year hiatus, I've stopped by KFC perhaps monthly for the past year. The (original recipe) chicken is much better than I recall plus I find their slaw to be quite excellent.

    The amusing part is that the order is typically in my hands almost immediately after and many times before I get / count my change. They do an excellent job using the computerized registers to trigger someone other the cashier to fill the order while payment is being made (far superior to the way other fast food place typically complete orders, although KFC does have the advantage of not having to cook / prepare food to order).

    1. The Chick-Fil-A near my office has a wonderful staff. One woman who works the drive-thru during the week recognizes my voice & knows which condiments I like, that I take my coffee black, and is always pleasant. They are generous with napkins, ketchup, etc. and have never made an error with my order. Last year I emailed the manager to let him know what a great staff he has and how it is much appreciated.

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        The Chick-Fil-A in the mall used to have an elderly man who came around giving out mints and offering refills of your drink. He was so pleasant. It is not the same without him. I should have made a point of telling the manager what a nice touch he brought to the place.

        I don't know if all Chick-Fil-A's do this, but the one in my hometown where my Dad was an everyday mall-walker used to give him free coffee. My sister and I made a quick trip to the mall for clothes after Daddy died and while we were there passed by the CFA. Two of the workers saw us and came out to express their condolences and cried with us. They even came to his funeral. It meant a lot to us. Sorry to get sidetracked there. Perhaps I should email the corporate office of CFA to tell them their goodwill gesture of free coffee for the senior citizens during their mall walks is much appreciated.

        ETA: Just did so. Thanks for the idea, jhopp.

      2. I used to love going to my neighborhood Subway; the owner (appropriately named Sunny) also made the sandwiches, and he would greet everyone by name, remembered what you'd gotten last time (even it it'd been weeks!) and always had a joke or song. One time I ordered a seafood and crab sub and he started spooning the stuff out, stopped, and took a taste. "This batch doesn't taste right. I'm sorry, but I don't feel right giving you this. Choose something else -- it's on me." He always got a tip.

        1. The Arby's drive-thru in Waterville, ME is our family's favorite stop on road trips. They're fast, friendly, and thorough. The food always seems freshly-made. The best part is that they always give our pup a dog biscuit. It's no fault of theirs that he'll bury it under the floor mat in anticipation of our leftovers. I praise them to corporate via email every summer. In general, I find the fast food service in that town to be above average.

          We spend our summers about 2 hours north of Waterville and the one and only McDonald's in town (and within 50 miles) is atrocious. You are ignored at the counter. Everything is microwaved, even sandwiches with condiments like the fish. Ever been scalded by tartar sauce? Not fun, especially when it burns your chin. Buns and wraps are stale. However, people love the brand so it is always packed and there is no motivation for them to change. Some folks drive for miles to eat there. It's sad. We never made a direct complaint to corporate because we are still waiting for the manager to call us back. Is two years long enough to wait? :)

          1. I've sent an e-mail to Tijuana Flats corporate talking about the excellent service at my local outpost- cheerful, always the correct order, and they never blink if you want to order some other day's daily special.