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Apr 14, 2012 12:54 PM

Saturday Lunch in Portland

Have friends coming to Portland on a Saturday from Boston for the first time for an event at the University of Southern Maine (88 Bedford ST). We need a place to meet them for lunch where we can either get a reservation or be sure of getting a table. There will be 7 of us - 4 adults including 2 seniors, 2 teen-aged boys and a gluten intolerant 9 year old girl who seems to be flexible and will eat potatoes and salad if there aren't any alternatives. Ideally a place with a low noise level so that we could actually have a conversation. Doesn't necessarily need to be right around the University but needs to have ok parking and be easily found from 295. Thanks, you guys. I know you'll be able to handle this one!

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  1. I'm going to suggest Flatbread on Commercial Street.
    Easy off 295 (take Franklin St and follow to end - park in the Casco Bay Ferry garage right next door to the restaurant).
    Don't know if they take reservations but at that time of day I think you should be OK - I'd call first.
    Won't be too loud at lunch.
    On the water - great view - maybe short stroll around to take in the Old Port vibe???
    They do a small gluten free crust (extra $$$) that you can put any toppings on.
    Hippy dippy place so the teenagers should be happy.
    There's better pizza in Portland but this is pretty good and might fit well with this group.
    Reasonable prices.
    You'll have to drive back to USM.

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    1. re: bobbert

      Agree,but brunch means some egg dishes,Flatbread is more lunch,limited to pizza and salad.I would give a nod to Caiolas or 555 both with varied menus with breakfast and lunch options,although neither are exactly quiet depending on the crowds.

      1. re: LeRique

        Sorry Bobbert I guess I was half asleep and thought the OP said the B word.

        1. re: LeRique

          No problem. Sunday brunch would be a whole different world. Saturday lunch with that particular line-up of diners and requirements makes it a pretty tough one for recommendations...

      2. re: bobbert

        Holy Toldeo, bobbert, Flatbread is absolutely inspired. You covered every base. I will check it out before the day. Thank you so much.