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Apr 14, 2012 11:52 AM

Chowhounds, I need help fast finding a recipe that has gone missing.

Every year I make a lemon meringue pie for a friend's birthday. I went to my saved recipes, it is now missing, and I cannot find it in the listings. Do recipes get deleted?

It was called the mile high lemon meringue pie, and it used an Italian meringue. The meringue contained a little coffee, and IIRC the sugar was brown.

Her birthday is Monday, so I need to make the pie tomorrow.

I need to look around some, hopefully I wrote it down somewhere.


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  1. Whew! I found an envelope that I had written it down on in the cookbook rack.

    Here it is if you are interested. This was on Chow before, and it is a great pie. The meringue is fantastic, and not really that hard to make.

    Whisk 6 eggs with 1-1/2 cups of sugar. Add 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Mix in 1 cup of cream, then strain into a bowl before adding 1 tbl of zest. Stir in zest. Pour into your favorite pie shell.

    Bake @ 350 for 1 hr until barely jiggly. Watch the middle section closely. Cool 20 min then reefer overnight.

    For the Italian meringue;

    Heat to 253 degrees, 1 cup brown sugar , 2/3rds cup granulated sugar , and 3 tbl of water (watch out as it foams up rapidly, so use a deep pot) .

    Whisk 4 egg whites Low - med - frothy. Add 1/8 tbl cream of tartar. mix 1 tbl of expresso powder with 1 tsp off hot water, and add to whites. during final whisking. Now when it comes to adding the hot sugar syrup I did it differently. Originally it was to be done in batches, but I just stream it in as I am running the Kitchen Aid at full speed. Then whip till you get STIFF peaks.

    When spreading it, you will need to work fast, as the meringue will start setting up. To toast the peaks I use a Bernz-O -Matic torch.

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      That's an astonishing amount of sugar(s) in the meringue. Would love to see a pic when you make it.

    2. Hmmmm, I wrote down 6 eggs, but I am wondering if it was supposed to be egg yolks. Has anyone seen a recipe that uses whole eggs?

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        Your recipe is identical to the Martha Stewart one except the yolks, and I think whole eggs make no sense. You use the yolks in the filling and the whites in the meringue. I was going to give you the Martha link yesterday but you said in the OP that there was coffee in the meringue. (?)
        I love this pie, the brown sugar makes it, imo.

        1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

          Look at some of the other recipes. They either use all yolks in the custard, or part whole and part yolks. The usual rules for a custard apply to the base. The mile-high part applies to the stiff and stable meringue.

          1. Withdrawn. I suspect Hank found enough of them to satisfy the need. I liked this one:

            1. you know, it does appear to have been deleted!

              i wonder why? you might want to e-mail the mods & ask. maybe they can send it to you...

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              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                I will contact them about this.

                I did find the recipe a couple of hours later. As luck would have it, I had written it down on the back of an envelope, and put it by my cookbooks instead of tossing it. That is the recipe that I posted above.

                My only question now is that I wrote down 6 eggs for the filling, but I believe that it should have been 6 egg yolks, as I don't see any lemon pies that use whole eggs.

                Thanks to everyone for the links to similar pies.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  It could have been deleted for copyright issues. Martha Stewart Living has the resources to track down that type of violation.