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Apr 14, 2012 11:44 AM

Devonshire Cream in Edmonton?

Does anyone know of a place where they regularly carry Devonshire (aka Clotted or Double Devon) Cream in Edmonton?

I did a chow search, and found places that carry it in other cities, or that have a bottled version once in a blue moon. But I'd like a place that consistently carries it, preferable close to downtown or Whyte Ave, organic if possible.

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  1. Try the 95th Street Italian Store - they have only had the jar type but it is always there! I have also found it at the 82 Street Safeway but am unsure if other Safeways carry it.

    PS. the Italian store also has Creme Fraiche but it is 13 bucks for 500 gm seems awfully dear.

    PPS we just found a wonderful espresso/lavender cheese at the Italian Centre as well!

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    1. re: Leofric

      Ok, thanks. I'll check out the Italian store.

      I often go to the Safeway on whyte and don't see it there. Am I looking in the wrong section?

      Btw, if you are looking for creme fraiche, Planet Organic always has a 250 mg container for 5 bucks, which is a bit cheaper and smaller.

    2. I have seen it often in the Save-On foods at 109th and Jasper. It was actually kept in the deli section when I have seen it, which seemed weird to me. Maybe they also have some in the dairy section too.

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      1. re: egon61

        I'll follow your advise to look in the deli section. It might just be that I can't find it right under my nose.

      2. Patty's cheese on high street usually has it too!

        1. Every Safeway I've been to carries it. It's in small bottles, usually top shelf by the sour cream