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Apr 14, 2012 11:30 AM

Cheeseburgers at Red's Java House [SF]

Thinking of stopping for lunch one day for cheeseburgers and maybe some onion rings. Our other planned lunch will probably be at Yank Sing for dim sum, so thought Red's would be a great contrast. Any thoughts or comments on your experiences there? Seems like a classic SF lunch place which kind of appeals to me. Thanks.

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  1. I like it. Good view, free parking. Last time I said it I was in the minority because of high price, poor meat, lousy roll, dive atmosphere et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.*

    *Yul Brenner, The King and I"

    1. Don't expect the cheeseburger to be good. It's average at best, on the greasy spoon middling side. That said, it's cheap, it has a view, get a beer wash it all down. If it's a nice out as today (clear, bright sunshine), it won't matter.

      1. I'm a huge fan of Red's, but more for the ambience than the food. The cheeseburgers in particular are unexceptional little pre-formed patties cooked on a flat-top and served on a dull roll with yellow mustard. A better choice is the fish and chips (see if you get get them to put a little more "fry" on the chips ). The corned beef hash was a favorite for a while, but the last few samples suffered from wildly underdone potatoes. Sometimes there is a corned beef sandwich which should be good. But it's the real deal and I'd rather eat something second rate there than anything at that fake-o bushwa Fog City Diner. Explore the specials, and enjoy the scene.
        Also the bar has a very generous pour on their moderately priced drinks.

        1. It'll be a contrast, that's for sure. To me that's a waste of a meal for someone on a short visit, except for the sourdough bread and Anchor it's the same generic American crap you can get at a greasy spoon anywhere in the country.

          1. It's not about the food there, it is a place I can ride my bike to with my kid, have a beer and watch the 49ers with minimal fuss or uptight yuped out crowd, or any crowd. I group it with Tommy's as an sf institution not a culinary destination. It's funny I didn't go to either one of these places for my first 18 years in the city and now I love them both.