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Apr 14, 2012 11:29 AM

Anyone know how the WildTurkey 81 Rye compares to the 101?

It appears my store only carries the new 81 proof and I've only seen reviews on the 101. Anyone had both and can compare them for me?

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  1. Whiskey writer Chuck Cowdery wrote a few weeks ago that the 81 was a diluted form of the 101 (since their stock of 101 had been running low for the year and this would stretch the amount). The 81 is different than the WT 80 Proof Rye that they did away with. While he lamented the drop in proof, he was also annoyed that stores were selling the 81 for the same price as the 101 was.

    The 101 is not discontinued but they apparently have shipped the remainder of their stock for the year.