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Apr 14, 2012 11:11 AM

Great Lebanese in Scranton... YES, SCRANTON

Savory Maza at 200 North Main in Scranton's West Side is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the country. YES, the country. Simple, food focused place, you won't beat it.

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  1. Worth the slight detour if driving from NY/NJ to Ithaca or Binghamton for this home-cooked type meal, but not if you are in a hurry.This is a slow food type of place. Enjoyed excellent hummus with thin pita, refreshing tabouleh, crispy and dense yet not heavy falafels, and perfectly flavored and moist lamb kebabs. This meal was as good as any and better than many Lebanese meal I've had in the Middle East. And don't miss the baklava - it's also made there with hand chopped nuts and a light hand of honey that is typical of true Lebanese baklava rather than most of what is sold in the USA in Greek and other diners, etc.

    If you plan to go, go before july 3 or wait until after July 23 as this family-run restaurant's family is off on vacation for next 3 weeks!

    1. I was driving through on way back from Finger Lakes and tried this place. As good or better than what I've had in NYC. Both beef and vegetable kibbes fantastic. Chicken shawarma, lamb kebabs great. Only a few minutes off the interstate.