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Apr 14, 2012 10:34 AM

"Unique Sweets" anyone watch it?

I've started watching it over the last few weeks.
Some shows are from 2011 but new ones from 2012 are on too.
The reason I enjoy it is for ideas on new things to bake.
So I watched it Thursday morning preparing for the gym after hubby went to work, but found myself downstairs putting ingredients on the island and getting Big Red out.
An item from one of the bakeries featured must have caught my attention-whipped up a batch of dough and proceeded to oiling bowl to let it rest.
Loved the feel of this particular dough and it spoke (cracked/popped) as I rolled the stubborn ball out.

Anyone out there watching this show for ideas on baking or simply watching for 'where to go' for a sweet tooth fix?

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  1. I do have diabities and seem to get a sugar high by just watching it. but I do enjoy it

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    1. re: dolly52

      the ideas are fun to try and maybe mimic

    2. Sure do, with a pencil & notepad in my hands.