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Apr 14, 2012 10:33 AM

Birthday dinner tonight: Best Hamburger or Pizza place to eat in and around Arlington?

We're celebrating a birthday tonight and really want some great food. We were thinking of either a really good burger place or pizza place.

However, I am willing to take any suggestions you might have. I like family owned/hole in the wall joints, too. So, those are always welcome.

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  1. Best Pizza in Town is MAMA'S PIZZA on Fielder Rd. They put garlic butter all over the crust. ummm good. The best Hamburger place we like is TOM'S off Cooper Street /30.

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      +1 for Mama's! There's also a new pizza place called Old School on Abrams across from UTA that's pretty good too, with a good beer selection.

      Simply Burgers on Green Oaks. Twisted Root downtown.