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Apr 14, 2012 10:01 AM

3 days Rome in May

Greetings CH'rs,
I've been following the board, have the Minchilli, Parla apps and mbfant PDF (all enormously helpful and fun). Here's where we are and comments or alternative suggestions welcome:
First night:
After evening walking tour around Campo, Spanish Steps planning to tuck in at Ristorante Matricianella.
Lunch second day:
La Gensola following Vatican, pre-afternoon exploring Trastevere and Ghetto
Planning pizza/pasta/nothing fancy. Friends recommd San Marco near hotel (Splendide Royale) but we could cab to another 'hood for evening stroll/sights if suggestions for better ez dinner elsewhere and different lively neighborhood.
Third Day:
Lunch recomm welcome. Morning at Borghese. Stroll & head to see Moses sightseeing/"happenstance" along way. Palazzo Farnese @ 5.
Dinner @ Perilli

We appreciate your comments and the lively informative convos on the board. Ciao for now.

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  1. Look out for closing times where Moses is concerned. You might want to head right there or wait til after lunch, depending on your timing. Nerone is very close, by the way.

    Asino d'Oro or Trattoria Monti could be possibilities for this lunch (the latter is off in a little different direction. I think there is a little electric bus that can take you right down from the Borghese area into the Monti neighborhood.

    You should check restaurant closing days against your schedule before you finalize your plan. Also, I guess you will not be wanting a terribly heavy meal if you wll be going to Perilli that night!

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      Thanks much. Will check out Moses closing times and Nerone. As for comment about Perilli, we were going via apps and chat on here about it as well as thinking of a visit to Testaccio. Instead, perhaps we'll try Taverna dei Dori Imperiali or L'Asino d'Oro in Monti given raves on here and way to see that neighborhood as well. Maybe we'll switch out San Marco for Perilli for second night and stroll through Testaccio . We're in Rome from Wednesday through Friday...

    2. Strolling the grounds at the Villa Borghese late morning/early afternoon is one of life's pleasures. Yes, the museum is grand but I'm a bigger fan of the grounds. There's a huge sunken meadow there where dogs are allowed to run free. Romans love their doggies. Maybe pack a picnic basket, kick back in the meadow and watch as things go by. Include wine. Take the little 116 electric bus to/from if it works for you.

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      1. re: steve h.

        Picnic great idea plus since we'll be missing our pups doubleheader. Thanks.

      2. Glad you've done your homework!
        Here's some thoughts:

        Matricianella is good choice. Order the fritti, which are their strong point.

        Second day:
        Gensola: Good choice.
        Dinner: Pizza is good, but cab it to Gatta Mangiona. I've never heard of San Marco, which might be just fine. But Gatta is one of the best in Rome, so why not head there?

        Third day:
        Lunch: Nerone is a good choice. I was there last week, and went to see the Moses after lunch. I'm not sure it closes at lunch time, but it was definitely open by three. But both Taverna dei Fori Imperiali and L'Asino d'Oro are also good choices. (but reserve for L'Asino which gets fully booked most days)

        Dinner: Perilli, my favorite. Ask for Vignarola, which they should have (artichokes, peas and fave)

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          Great to have specific menu recomms. Thanks and for the alternative resto or two. Your app is terrific.