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Apr 14, 2012 09:39 AM

Lunch options downtown near courthouse (jury duty)

I've drawn jury duty in a couple of weeks and, like a good Chowhound, am wondering about where to get a good lunch.

I'll be at the court complex, basically Jefferson and 1st Ave. I rarely make it downtown but have had lunches the past year at Pizzeria Bianco and Nobuo's and liked both, but they are almost a mile from the courthouse per Mapquest, so a bit far to walk up and back and still have time to eat, and I don't want to drive.

So looking for suggestions within say 1/2 mile or less of the courthouse.

I think the last time I had jury duty (back when J. Fife the Third was Governor) I ate at a quickie Italian place on Central, probably Focaccia Fiorentina, and that was fine. Pretty much open to anything taste-wise but it can't be too fancy or take too long.


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  1. I haven't tried much around there, but, I have had decent food from the Hero Factory.

    This thread might help, although, I'm sure some things have changed:

    Hero Factory is helpfully reviewed on exit2lef's blog:

    1. Last time I had jury duty I went to the newly redone Tom's Tavern. It was close by & good.

      1. The Hero Factory and Tom's Tavern are both good as mentioned above. Other nearby choices include Yasda Bento, Thai'd Up, Thai Basil, 5 R Cha Thai, Focaccia Fiorentia, and the Downtown Dell. While these aren't destination restaurants in the sense of Nobuo or Bianco, they're all reasonably good and used to serving quick lunches. Coincidentally, I have a jury duty summons on Monday, and if called onto serve, I'll also be exploring Sticklers, a sandwich place I've heard some good things about but never tried.

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          I would say Sticklers is nothing special at all. Average bread, pedestrian toppings, feels like a business office cafeteria.

        2. Thanks for the replies folks. While googling some of the places in exit's post I came across this from AzCentral food writer Howard Seftel. The title is "5 downtown Phoenix restaurants for Diamondbacks fans" but he mentions three of the ones listed here so it's worth looking at for more opinions about the food and certain dishes.

          After reading everything I think I'll go back to Focaccia Fiorentina the first day since I liked it before and don't hit many Italian places (wife is gluten-intolerant), then if I'm selected for jury duty and have more days, probably the Hero Factory and maybe one of the Thai places. If it drags out too many days I may just make a dash for the car and hit Nobuo for a soft shelled crab or pork belly sandwich.

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              Looks like the address for Chloe's Corner is:
              50 W Jefferson St Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ