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Apr 14, 2012 09:20 AM

Private Chefs Los Angeles Area

Does anyone know a personal chef to come in and cook a small dinner party? Birthday dinner for 10-12 people. Thanks!!

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    1. Deborah Murphy (pronounced deb-ORR-ah) at Cuisine and the City... She's done some great BBQs on the beach for 50 as well as intimate dinners for two with casual to sophisticated food that is not pretentious or over-wrought with foams, towers and turrets...self-trained, and local to Silver Lake area, but she used to travel. Contact via messaging on FB.

      (Edit: link to FB seems not to work- go to FB and try typing in "deborahmurphyla"... otherwise, apologies, and in the words of Emily L., "...nevermind"​deborahmurphyla

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        1. What are you looking for? What kind of food?

          Kazuto Mastusaka is available - formerly of Ma Maison, Spago, Chinois and (his own restaurant) Beacon is available.

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