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Apr 14, 2012 07:16 AM

[Iowa/Illinois] Mississippi River area

I've got a group that gets together for dinner every month. We tend to center around the Mississippi River for our restaurant selections no farther north than Dubuque, no farther south than Keokuk. We've been going for awhile and something I've noticed is that there don't seem to be a lot of restaurants on the Illinois side of the river other than Rock Island and Moline. That can't be right. I must just be missing restaurants somehow.

What are some good restaurants on the Illinois side of the Mississippi within the bounds I mentioned above?

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    1. Timmerman's Super Club outside of Dubuque on the Illinois side has been around forever but still is a local favorite. We have also enjoyed dinner at Buck's Barn Resort near Savanna Illinois, classic super club like Timmerman's. Savanna has a number of super casual restaurants around the marina area and in town.

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        If you like small town pre-fab rail car diners then The Fort Sandwich Shop in Ft Madison, Iowa is good. Just outside your territory is Schera's in Elkader.

      2. Galena, Illinois has many nice eateries. Just south of Galena, Chestnut Mtn Resort has a terrific view and setting and food isn't bad, there is another inn nearby, Goldmoor.

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          We stayed at Goldmoor a few years ago and were sorry that we did. First morning we told staff we had one vegetarian so they served bacon. Second morning we told staff one was allergic to eggs so we were served a quiche and were told that "well the eggs are just a binder, that shouldn't bother you" We ate the rest of our meals in Galena. There were other issues with them that I need not get into but I certainly would not recommend them.

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            Can you name any of those good eateries in Galena? I would love some advice before we head there for a day trip. Thanks!

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              Fried Green Tomatoes is in downtown Galena. Despite the name, it's "country" Italian. Heres a link to places downtown. We have also enjoyed a few nice meals at the restaurants in Eagle Ridge.


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                Thank you! We're going to try it next time we go. We wound up at Durty Gurt's, down the street from there. Its menu features salads, burgers, sandwiches and ice cream. I had the pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries, which I enjoyed very much, while my husband had one of the burgers. We shared a Grasshopper milkshake -- absolutely divine, and the best part of the meal. Service was speedy and efficient. Our one big gripe was that nothing on the menu seemed suited to a smaller appetite. Burgers and sandwiches all seemed to feature half a pound of meat, and the salad offerings looked substantial as well. So, not the place to go for a light snack.