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Apr 14, 2012 06:52 AM

Nice dinner near Royal Sonesta, Cambridge

Are there any restaurants that would be "foodie" for dinner near the Royal Sonesta hotel in Cambridge? Possibly walking distance?

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  1. there are plenty of great places in harvard and central square, and the weather would might cooperate and allow for a very nice walk.

    1. Yes, there's EVOO in Kendall Square, which is less than 10 minutes away. Right across the way is Abigails which has trendier pub food.

      If your definition of 'within walking distance' means 20-30 minute walks are acceptable, you can find more as you head towards Central (or Kentrall), including Blue Room, Salts, Craigie on Main. I've never been to Catalyst and Area 4, but I've heard some positive reviews of both. If Craigie sounds inviting, and you don't mind heading into Central, I would also strongly recommend putting in the extra 5 minutes to consider Rendezvous.

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      1. re: kobuta

        I give Catalyst a very strong recommendation. Can be a little noisy, but the menu is quite bold and everything we tried was excellent.

        1. re: kobuta

          EVOO is a wonderful farm to table chef couple-owned place. Warm, friendly, comfy, lots of diff International influences. Personally, I would steer you away from Dante. I thought CH consensus on Dante's, in the last yr, was what we had experienced: serious decline to mediocrity (unlike their other restaurant, in a Boston suburb, Il Casale) though it appears a few posters on this thread have had better experiences.I would also advise against the Blue Room, but Catalyst, Abigails, Craigie on Main have all rcvd many positive CH and Globe reviews.

          Do let us know where you dine and how you iked it- so we can pass it along to others.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Can you refer me to the threads where the negative Dante consensus appeared. I searched around and could not find any. I will admit that we try to go on nights we know Dante is running the kitchen.

          2. re: kobuta

            I have decided to take my mom to Dante for her birthday. I realize the food might not be the greatest, but my mom's request was outdoor seating with a view. (She's from Florida, so she thinks these items are easy to come by.) I have read the recommendations for other restaurants in the area. I'm wondering if any of these would be a good destination for dessert or dessert drink.

            1. re: Marisa23

              If you're dining at Dante, you should give their Venetian fritelle a try (fried dough balls). It's the one dish I had at my dinner there I loved, and I'm not a a dessert person. The food was fine, but just didn't knock my socks off otherwise.

              1. re: Marisa23

                I'm sure she'll love it there.Charming peaceful view.

            2. Helmand is a short walk for good Afghan food, including bread you can watch being pulled from the oven right before it is cut and brought to your table. Be sure to make reservations.

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              1. re: Stride

                Helmand is really wonderful and a very short walk from the hotel.

                1. re: Delhiwala

                  Yes, third Helmand for something really different, although I am also crazy about EVOO.

              2. I believe Dante is right in your hotel and word is it can be very good, although not sure I know what "foodie" means to you.

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                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Dante remains one of our favorite places especially when the weather is nicer and you can sit on the patio.

                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Dante has one of the best patios in the city for al fresco dining. I've always been very pleased with my food there.

                  2. If 'foodie' includes truly authentic cuisine, then Portugalia worth the 20 minute walk. It is FPBP (for Portuguese by Portuguese) and has the most extensive and unusual selection of Bacalau you will find anywhere! The ambiance is not upscale, the service is not quick, but it is truly unique.