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Apr 14, 2012 05:53 AM

Special Dinner for three with a vegetarian in tow

I am looking for a nice place for dinner ($50-75 without alchol for 2-3 courses) with American/farm to table type cuisine. I'm a "foodie" who will eat anything, a Midwesterner who has had some fine dining excursions with me in NYC (she really liked ABC Kitchen) but tends towards the scallop/chicken end of things, and a vegetarian who is pretty much a newbie to finer dining (she will be satisfied with a pretty place and 1-2 decent options for her). We are in our mid thirties and while it's celebratory we don't want somewhere loud/energetic or stuffy either. We have a car although it would be nice to stay in Philadelphia proper so we can all enjoy a glass of wine or two. IT's in a few weeks so places that seem to get some buzz on the board (like LIttle Fish) are already booked for 6:30-8:00 reservation times. Help?

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  1. Talula's Garden comes to mind. It's absolutely beautiful inside but very comfortable as well. The menu is farm to table with tons of in-season produce and lots of approachable and interesting selections. I would categorize it as fine dining, but it's definitely not stuffy and the service is complete without being too overbearing. And it's right in Washington Square which is easily accessible by most neighborhoods in/near center city. They also have a garden which is lovely for a drink before/after.

    1. oh and it's got a very comfortable low din - trust me, I'm always in search of restaurants that don't get very loud since I have a very quiet voice - and this one was perfect decible-wise.

      1. I'd recommend Russet if they have a table for you. I think there may only be one vegetarian option, though:

        Not American, but Cypriot, Kanella might be a good choice as well. Both are BYOB.