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Desperatly seeking crispy shredded beef in Montréal

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Hi everybody!! I've just landed from London and I am desperately missing my every-Friday-night dinner, crispy shredded beef from the Chinese restaurant next to my place. Any suggestion where I could find something similar here in Montréal? It would be awesome if it would include home delivery, but anything would make my Saturday!
Thank you all for your help!!!

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  1. What part of Montreal are you at? I ask because a lot of Chinese restos serve pretty standard fare, but there are some, sprinkled around the island, that serve up more eclectic oriental dishes, but they can be pretty spread out.

    1. Since this is one of those westernized Chinese dishes that only exists is the UK, you're not going to find it here. I had a very similar dish at Amigo in Chinatown, it was actually more like Calgary Ginger Beef, but when we tried ordering it again, the waiter had no idea what we were talking about and neither did the cook. You could try ordering orange beef or sesame beef, but the texture and flavour will not be quite the same. You could also have try at sweet and sour pork, which seems to be the recipe all these variations are based upon.

      1. Peking Gardin on St Jean in the west island had sesame beef the last time we went which was a few years ago. It was battered and fried beef which looks similar to what your picture is like. Not 100% sure they still have it though.

        1. Hi there! There's a Thai restaurant in Dollard des Ormeaux called "Restaurant La Perle" that has crispy shredded beef on the menu; the picture looks like what you posted. It's chewy and crispy in a sticky sweet sauce. If that sounds like it, then you should head over to La Perle!

          1. "Beef in orange sauce" would I believe be the closest thing to what you are looking for. Should be available at most places, I would try Kam Shing on Cote des Neiges or Victoria. I remember having it there a couple of moons ago, the beef isn't shredded like in your picture but more like General Tao morsels in a similar sticky gooey corn starchy sauce. I used to ask them to do the beef in the same General Tao sauce as I didn't care for the hint of orange in it.

            1. You're going to spend weeks then months then years in your search. Many a waiter will agree wholeheartedly that they make *exactly* what you're looking for, but it won't be anything like it. Every once in a while, you'll come across a version that reminds you of the much beloved crispy shredded beef, but alas, it'll pale in comparison.
              After many years, your hope will have ebbed to almost nothing and even your memory of that beautiful every-friday-night dish will begin to fade. Oh, you certainly won't forget it, but the nuances and subtle flavors will be lost to time. Your pursuit will change character as your optimism is ground down by countless dissapointments.
              Your dreams will take a different turn as you imagine a return trip to London just for that dish. But its been years - what if the place doesn't even exist anymore? You don't know if you can handle the finality of that, so keep postponing the trip.
              Cliches come to mind - its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved.
              Gradually you accept things for the way they are. Not a simple "getting on with your life" but something deeper, fundamental, kind of like being comfortable in your own skin.
              .......wok-fried whole pompano with chili pepper from the Haymarket neighborhood in Sydney Australia.

              Then again, you might find it at Beijing in Chinatown. Don't order off the menu, but be very specific (descriptive) when asking George or Johnny what you want. Just maybe the cook can fanagle something up.

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                Agreed. I think you can just ask for crispy deep-fried beef in any Cantonese place and you'll get something like that. I'd try Maison VIP, Keung Kee and Beijing in Chinatown.

              2. they have something similar at Peking Gardens (Jardin de Peking) on Queen Mary. It is called shredded beef in birds nest. The beef is fried but it doesn't have a sweet glaze. I think their orange beef is the same shredded beef except with a glaze. regardless, their shredded beef in birds nest is really good.

                1. Yo joycee,
                  I stumbled across this thread
                  sure sounds like what you're looking for and TO is only a 6 hour drive....