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Apr 14, 2012 04:48 AM

San Antonio Report on a quick visit

Between fulfilling a bucket item list to visit the Alamo (although was more enchanted by the missions) and enjoying a stroll down the Texas equivalent of Times Square (Riverwalk), we fit in some high quality eats.
Asterisks are out of five

Dough *** and a half
As someone who live sin NY, I was skeptical to go to Dough but it was so widely written out about that we felt like we had to.
Loved burrata sampler and accomapanying flatbread
Margarita Pizza was a bit soggy (I later read in Fearless Critic this happens with their sauced pizzas)
Very fresh tasting sauce but lacked seasoning.

Taco taco **
It may be my untrained Tex-Mex palate, but I had a hard time getting what all the fuss is about breakfast tacos. The migas taco as well as papas and chorizo were good but nothing too special. The super thin sala on the table was just tomato water with some heat (I could imagine much better when the tomatoes are in season)

Restaurant Gwendolyn *****
Chicken sandwich was delicious with mayo on perfectly grilled bread
Bbq porkwaa was mustardy and different quite good
Bargains at 6 each even served on nice china
Would come back to San Antonio just to eat dinner here

Biga on banks *** and a half
Wonderful service
Champagne glass blew over when the wind blew which was kind of funny but struck me that perhaps they should come up with a better solution
Chicken fried oyesters on squid ink pasta with siracha sauce was yummy but a bit strange texturally and just a smidge not hot enough tempertaure wise
Game packets in radicchio lettuce and cabbage cups was like a pulled.pork without much of good gameyness that one might expect. It was rather one dimension.

Hotel gunther **** and a half
This beautiful spot on grounds of flour mill had a few charming restored rooms that were fun to browse in as well as a gift shop that sold some pretty decent kitchen items. The cinnamon roll was a delicious as it was huge. Sauage patty was good and not greasy. Biscuits were huge and delicious I am not a gravy girl deapite growing up in the south but it made me a convert. Super delicious!Blackberry preserves tasted a bit tinny and jalaoeno jelly was somehow too sweet deapite having a serious kick yo it. Some decent fruit consisering the time of year ex ept watermelon . SO really liked the coffee and bacon (it was bit oversmoked for my taste).

I am appreciative of all of the suggestions I got from Chowhound.

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  1. Alamo:Missions::Taco Taco:dozens of other places in town. The Alamo is fun, and Taco Taco is fresh tasting with pretty good flour tortillas, BUT, like your assessment of the missions, there are many more enchanting places in town for good mexican/tex-mex. It is good to hear your report about gwendolyn, I've been curious.

    1. Thanks for sharing your impressions, things are definitely changing for the better in this town. I'm glad you got to try Gwendolyn-IMHO one of the best in SA.

      1. Thanks for the report - sounds like you had a great time. I agree with your assessment of Taco Taco. They have some really nice flour tortillas, some of the best around IMO, but the taco fillings themselves are kind of average.

        1. Agree, Gwendolyn is the cutting edge of SA cuisine, along with Bliss, south of downtown. Bruce Auden gets plenty of accolades, but his cooking is quite a bit less accessible than a lot of folks are used to (I think there has to be at least one ingredient in every dish that makes you wonder, "what in the world is THAT?). I think the takeaway here is research, research, research before you go.

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          1. re: SAhomecooking

            Have you been to Sustenio yet? I had an amazing meal there when we did the tasting menu with wine pairings. Expensive, but first rate.
            Not a big Auden fan.
            I haven't tried Gwendolyn or Bliss yet, I usually don't care to go downtown to eat, too much traveling during the work week for me back and forth to DT and the southside.