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Apr 14, 2012 01:04 AM

Want to make bread but don't understand ingredient. Please help!

I finally got my hands on a recipe for Breakfast Bread like the one found at Publix grocery store. The recipe calls for 8 Tbs of "wheat gluten" (in addition to 6 1/2 cups AP flour, 2 packets yeast, nuts and dried fruit). Didn't find anything labeled wheat gluten. Not sure if same as gluten flour or something else. What is it and where can I find it (near Chicago)?

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  1. You can 'make' wheat gluten by washing the starch out of flour (mix with water to make dough, wash under running water till you're left with the stringy gluten) - maybe it's sold by commercial bakery suppliers?

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      Wheat gluten helps develop dough, but I've only used it on a commercial level, never at home.
      I have no idea about your available flour, but it's worth trying to source a 'high gluten' flour if you can.

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        Yeah, if you don't want to wait for the Vital Wheat Gluten to arrive from King Arthur, just use maybe half high-gluten flour (sometimes called bread flour). I think you may need to add more water depending on your climate.
        Hehe, the best high-gluten flour I've ever used is actually from King Arthur...the Lancelot, so maybe you should just wait for your order from them. Their products turned me from a decent bread baker to a pro. I LOVE King Arthur Flour!

    2. You can but it on line at king Arthur. here is a link

      1. This is the brand I have in my cupboard:
        Grocery stores with a natural food section usually carry Bob's Red Mill. I live in a mid-sized city and my local Safeway has their products grouped together in the baking aisle.

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          i was also gonna suggest this brand. i dont know if ive specifically seen wheat gluten from them at my local publix, but i know they carry it at my local whole foods. i also know they sell wheat gluten in bulk at my local whole foods as well.

        2. Check the natural food aisle in a good full line grocer. It is sold in small sacks or in a Bob's Red Mill sack. It is used for machine bread baking. It is available pretty widely. Don't use it if you have a gluten intolerance, obviously.

          1. This is the product that is most commonly found in most supermarkets in my area:


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              As mentioned above, you should be able to find a box or pouch of something called 'bread gluten' or 'vital wheat gluten' near the flour in your grocery store...look on the top shelf with the odds and ends, ask somebody who works there. I am assuming that your 'breakfast bread' has some fairly heavy ingredients, and the gluten is going to help you build a big, strong, gluten structure to help it rise and stay up there (wow, that sounded kind of dirty...). If you can't find a box of gluten additive buy 'bread flour', which is flour that is higher in gluten already. Just don't try to make cookies with it, they'll be the toughest cookies you ever tried to bite into...