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Apr 13, 2012 11:37 PM

best american breakfast in Paris (1st arrdt area)?

hi! i'm desperately looking for the best coffee, eggs and savory crepes for breakfast in Paris, in the Louvre/Place Vendome area ideally. any ideas, please..?
many thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Savory crepes are American breakfast material? I'm getting old. In the 1st, there's always Joe Allen:
      In the 6th, there's the famous Coffee Parisien on rue Princesse.

      1. (I'll swear I answered this yesterday)

        There's Joe Allen in the 1st, which only serves brunch according to their website, along with an Indiana Cafe near Les Halles.

        In the 7th, there's The Real McCoy (can't find a website, but on rue de Grenelle) and Breakfast in America, ( on rue des Ecoles, with a 2nd location on rue de Rosiers in the 4th

        Do be prepared to pay for the privilege.

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          "(I'll swear I answered this yesterday)"

          I'd swear I answered every post twice yesterday.

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            Good - it means I've managed to not lose my marbles for one more day! (and neither have you...)

        2. Savoury crepes for breakfast?! Dunno. But you you can get an eggy breakfast with bacon, ham, etc at almost any café or brasserie. Try Le Castiglione on the rue Saint-Honoré just off the rue Castiglione or le Petit Vendôme on the rue des Capucines. Maybe le Pain Quotidien (but they only do soft-boiled eggs/ oeufs à la coque and lots of bready things so maybe not the best choice if u are looking for a low-carb breakfast) and a few other places on the place du Marché Saint-Honoré.