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Apr 13, 2012 08:22 PM

Group of 30-somethings

Need suggestions for refined yet casual places for close-knit group of 2 dozen coworkers this summer in San Francisco. Sat nite welcome reception & Mon nite celebratory dinner. Fun crowd mostly in 30s. Most have never been to the city. Staying in Nob Hill, but can transport around the city. Italian at least 1 night would be preferred.

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  1. Perbacco's open Mondays and can hangle large groups.

    1. Not Italian but fun, good food and can accommodate a large group: Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. (Vietnamese food)

      1. Just realized that il Cane Rosso at Ferry Building does private events. I've only been for lunch & enjoyed their famous egg salad sandwich. Fun location & menu looks good.

        Perhaps other hounds can chime in on the rest of their food. Also, where would they hold the private event? Set-up outdoors or hallway??

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          Thanks!! Would love to know the setup @ the ferry building. Website doesn't show photos of il cane rosso for group event.

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            It says on that page that they can accommodate up to 70 if you buy out the space. Otherwise, I think you have to provide the space.