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Apr 13, 2012 08:16 PM

Italian Dinner for one?

I have a one night layover in NYC. I am coming from a two week trip from London. I will not have a tie or blazer with me. I will have slacks but maybe not even a button down, only a polo style. I would like a good Italian meal but I realize many of the good Italian restaurants are also a bit nicer. Can you recommend an Italian restaurant in which I can feel comfortable dining in with slacks and a polo? This will be for dinner, not lunch. Thanks!

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  1. While there are very few restaurants where this would be a problem, I will just recommend my favorite, Ciano. It is upscale but casual, and the food is superb. Maialino is also very nice.

    1. You'll be fine in that attire at almost any of them. Rrems has good suggestions. Babbo is regarded by many to be the best Italian in NYC and you can put your name in to eat at the bar but expect a wait. You could do the same thing at Lupa for a wonderful but less refined experience. Many on these boards like Scarpetta as well but I was underwhelmed. The only place I can think of where you might feel underdressed in Del Posto but I'm not even sure that would be a problem.

      In any case, enjoy your trip and your meal and please report back!

      1. Good suggestions here. If you choose Babbo, try to arrive before the bar opens open to avoid a long wait. The bar opens at 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday and on Sunday at 4:30pm.

        1. Consider Pepolino on W Broadway near Canal, the farrato is always wonderful.