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Apr 13, 2012 07:19 PM

Cafe Jolie, Alameda

Today I had a lovely lunch at a new cafe in the west end of Alameda called Cafe Jolie. The space is airy and pleasant, with comfortable roomy booths as well as regular table tops. When we arrived at 11am the place was about a quarter full, but by the time we left at 12:30 every table was full and there was a line of folks waiting to be seated.

They serve both breakfast and lunch, as well as pastries and coffee. Almost every table had an order of fresh beignets on it, though we didn't get a chance to try them. I ordered a ground chicken burger and my friend had a tuna nicoise salad served with a fresh piece of seared ahi tuna. My burger is really the reason for me posting about the place as I found it surprisingly good. The patty tasted herby and mildly garlicky. It was moist and held up well to the bun, which seemed to be a brioche (not sure about such things, but definitely a noteworthy and tasty bun). It was served with a choice of greens, potato salad, or fries. I loved the fries--thin cut, appeared to be fresh rather than frozen, seasoned liberally with black pepper, and though a few were limp they were mostly crispy and all were delicious. My friend loved her generous and very fresh salad.

Service was pleasant and prompt, and our water glasses were kept filled with cucumber water. On the way out we stopped by the pastry counter and ordered a few things to go. So far I've tried an apple turnover type thing that had a really lovely, flakey crust. My spouse loved the chocolate mousse I brought home for him, but since I didn't taste it I can't speak for it.

Prices seem very reasonable for what seemed to me to be high quality ingredients that were well prepared. It's great to have such a place on this end of the island.

Cafe Jolie
1500 Webster
Open 7am-3pm daily

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been watching its progress from the bus, but haven't made it over since it opened. For people familiar with the area, it's the former Tillie's spot, completely remodeled, inside and out.

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      Ruth, I had you in mind when I posted. I know you are a true Alamedan, whereas I am an Island newcomer. The food was much better than I expected, and I thought they made the space into something very pleasant.