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Apr 13, 2012 06:35 PM

Is it time for a conversation about Lady Fingers?

With only a hankering for something semi-sweet and biscuity, I recently purchased Lady Fingers at, of all places, Lady York... Not knowing anything about this Italian tradition, I randomly picked up the cheapest and most accessible brand in front of me, the La-Ida Ltd. brand Lady Finger. One late (very late) night later, I spontaneously dredged it in Lemon Liberté yogurt. Major yum! Now I'm kinda hooked and curious about the fair Lady Finger. So tonight I bought two other brands to see if vive la différence, and there is! Milano and Verona. So far my fave is the first one purchased and the cheapest of all the brands, the La-Ida (99 ¢)... a very natural-tasting lemon flavour with a nice texture. The Milano come in second with a neutral flavour but a lovely, spongy texture - this one I dredged in Liberté Coconut yogurt tonight. OMG!!! In third place is the Verona which have a very artificial flavour that I can't quite place.... caramel???.

So I'm calling out to all you Lady Finger experts to educate me on the subject. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions.

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