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Apr 13, 2012 05:37 PM

Recent reports on Osteria Angelini?

Ive got my 2 dearest friends in from NY and we've got a res for tomorrow night..Anyone been to Angelini recently? any suggestions? I've read about the green lasagna and pastas...thoughts?

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  1. Went last hasn't changed much since opening...virtually the same menu, though prices are a tad higher 10 years later.

    While good, I certainly would never take a NYer there...NYC is full of great italian restaurants.

    Also, for my money, Mozza is a much better dining experience these days, esp considering it's about the same price.

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    1. re: manku

      What dishes would you guys order there anyways?

      I'm curious to try it too.

      1. re: kevin

        @manku...we couldnt get a res at a reasonable time at Mozza....and wed been there before....Angelini was an excellent dining experience...great ambiance...friendly attentive waiters, a lotta chatter w/o being deafening as Mozza sometimes is...we went with pastas...all excellent..mine bomboletti w/guanciale, pepper flakes & sumthin else...a pappardelle w/duck confit...delish! saw a couple salt encrusted Branzinos go by that looked amazing...nice salumi appetizer, and caprese w/burrata...very nice...ok profiterroles and ricotta cheese good as it was, i have to say i prefer Olive Garden and their never ending pasta bowl.....thats a joke CHers!

        1. re: kevin

          You're pretty safe with anything on the menu that sounds good. I was there about a month ago - pasta with uni stood out, my date though the octopus was the she'd ever had (I liked it a lot, but might prefer Mozza's more - but then again, that's my favorite).

          Had the papparadelle with duck. Yeah, great. They had some kind of chicken liver crostini - which I like a lot too - but if that doesn't sound like your cup o' jo - you might not wan to go down that path.