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Apr 13, 2012 05:10 PM

Sal's Gumbo Shack on Long Beach Blvd.

Anyone been here?

It sounds like it could be promising.

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  1. This place is finally open. It opened a few days ago and I'm already hearing great things about this place. I plan to check it out this weekend.

    1. I went to Sal's last night and they were out of Gumbo but they let me taste the roux and it was really good.

      (Quick note: If you are ever offered Gumbo, ask the person how they make their roux. If they don't know what a roux is, run away.)

      Since they were out of Gumbo, I got the Oyster Po Boy and my daughter got the fried shrimp. We spent time talking to Sal and Mark and found we had a lot in common. When I got home and opened my bag, I was amazed at the amount of food we got! There were so many oysters, I couldn't even see my bread. And they were delicious! Fried right with some serious spice. I was even impressed with the fries. It was great to have some well seasoned fries.

      I took Mrs. Mista back there today for Gumbo. We both thought the Gumbo was excellent! Lots of shrimp, crab, sausage and chicken. And not little bits. There were chunks!

      I highly recommend Sal's Gumbo Shack for anyone looking for some good Louisiana cooking.

      P.S. I can't wait to go back for Soul Food Sunday!

      1. That peach cobbler... with the bona fide crust... and the collards... I can make a meal out of just the 2 items (and a corn bread). Prices are extremely high for the neighborhood, but it's a great replacement for Smokey's (which had some of the worst BBQ in the 'hood).

        They didn't have oyster poboy no mo, just shrimp. Unfortunately, it falls far short of R&J Southern. Gotta go back for the gumbo and fried okra.

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        1. re: TonyC

          wow, this is an ancient post.

          i might just hit it up next time, i'm hitting up a you buy, we fry while i'm at, but which one ????????

          1. re: kevin

            This thread is only 2 years old. That Eagle Rock Italian thread is 7.

            You're in luck re: gumbo + fish fry bang bang.

            There's a fish market at:
            Don's Liquor (Indian owned, I believe)
            6176 1/2 Long Beach Blvd
            Long Beach, CA 90805

            And it's on the same block/same side as Sal's. YMMV on the fish fry. G'luck.