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Szechuan Szechuan @ FCP... are there new owners?

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I used to be able to count on SS for a consistently tasty meal but recently I've found their dishes to be inconsistently prepared and seasoned.

Now I must admit I call ahead and pick up my meals so I can't comment on the dining-in experience but the take-away has deteriorated. For example, the Chili Chicken used to be a true favourite with a nice crispy exterior, tender good-sized pieces of chicken and a good amount of heat. Lately I've found the pieces to be smaller, often over-cooked and tough and, soggy. Sometimes it's almost too hot and yesterday, there was almost no heat at all.

I'm finding the dishes at their food court outlet in FCP to have diminished in quality and quantity as well. I was at their Eaton centre location this week and tried the General Tso Chicken and most of it was either mushy balls of breading or chicken that was so tough and overcooked it was like gnawing on a piece of driftwood (not that I've done that but I can only imagine!!)

I'm wondering if perhaps they've changed ownership? Regardless, I'm saddened by their decline.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the decline. Our favorite dish there was the crispy beef that we took out occasionally when I worked close by, but we haven't been back for a number of years. I find that a change of a head chef can bring about a significant change in the dishes of a Chinese restaurant. That's why the most stable will be the ones where the chef is also an owner.