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Apr 13, 2012 04:58 PM

Drive trip from Portland to Astoria............

Hi there fellow Chow Pals....

I'll be visiting the PNW at the end of the month staying in Portland and Astoria. We'll drive along Hwy 26 to Seaside then take a leisuely drive to Astoria. Looking for YOUR help and INSPIRATION to eateries, snack shacks and such along the way.

If you know the area and like a better route from A to B, please do share. Also hoping for a good "hike" stop along the way too.


Kichen Queen

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  1. I highly recommend the Columbian Cafe in astoria for breakfast. That place is awesome. Ft. George brewery is also worth a visit. I also much prefer the drive to astoria on hwy 30. I'm not a fan of seaside and in my opinion doesn't have much to offer outside of kitsch and outlet stores. Have fun. Astoria is a great town.

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      Columbian Cafe is great! We like to sit at the bar and eat and chat with the chef there. If you like fish n chips, you must go to The Bowpicker, across from the Maritime Museum. Ship Inn also has gerat halibut fish n chips.

      Clemente's, Fulio's, Silver Salmon Grille, Drina Daisy and T Paul's Supper Club are a few other favorites of ours in Astoria.

      In nearby Gearhart, check out Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe. The Sandtrap is also there for a casual meal overlooking the gorgeous golf course.

      In Seaside, check out Yummy Wine Bar & The Boardwalk @ The Shilo Oceanfront. For Mexican food, The Stand & Guadalajara Taco Shop are not to miss! :)

    2. The Shilo at the Turnaround is great for the view, but I don't think much of it as a restaurant. When I was there recently for breakfast, it was just ok, but I go there once just for the view, anyway.

      Syrahgirl has good recommendations, of those I've tried, but I would add Norma's in Seaside for (Willapa Bay) oyster stew, and Dundee's (Seaside) for their halibut burger. I don't like Dundee's as a bar, though; the Bridge Tender is my place.

      Stop at the Bell Buoy on the way into Seaside (taking 26), to pick up some smoked salmon or (especially) sturgeon for a picnic somewhere.

      I would take 26 to the coast and 30 returning, if you have the time returning. The other way works well also — the choice depends on your schedule.

      1. I also like the little coffee shop on Broadway across the street from the Shilo (near the Turnaround) with photos of old Seaside and "Lulu" on the wall. The sandwich shop next door has Tillamook ice cream. You can take your coffee into the ice cream (sandwich) shop or vice versa, because the proprietors are related.

        I remember having a good breakfast at the café in the Riverside building once, but they had the worst coffee I've ever been served — completely cluless about coffee, which is unusual these days.

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          Norma's also has great clam chowder and crab fettucini! The Boardwalk (new name) at The Shilo has recently improved their menus greatly for dinner! :)

        2. Thank you all for the great suggestions!
          From Astoria, we drive along the 101 up to Seattle just so we can eat at Xinh's in Shelton. Woo Hoo!

          I'll let ya'll know where we stop in between. Flt departs L.A. tomorrow.

          Shari (aka Kitchen Queen)

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              Last week we tried a new restaurant in Cannon Beach called Fishes Sushi. It is in the space where JP's used to be and it was awesome! The Japanese food served here was by far the best this area has seen. Miso soup, Fresh Spring Chinook Salmon (served with rice and a delicious salad) Tempura Veggies were all delicious. They offer a very nice variety of Sushi which we didn't get a chance to try. The Softshell Crab Roll is first on my list for next visit. Green tea ice cream was the perfect ending to the meal. Next time we try the Ginger Creme Brulee! :)

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                Wow I'd hate to talk about what disappointing (and $$) fare we had in CB (and the rest of OR coast) the last time we were there, in the mid '90s. Sounds like a lot of things have changed :-)

          1. Thank you all for your help. We ended up taking the 30 into Astoria but, not before we cruised Portland eats. Food Carts on 11th are always fun. Had Viet Pumpkin Soup, Ethiopian and Thai Pad See ewe all in one meal! Then off to Saint Cupcakes and Leonides chocolates for his treats.

            For dinner one night we endulged in Toro Brava -near the Convention Center. OMG! FABULOUS meal. And, our server was a gem. I asked for a bit more roasted nuts for our road trip the next day, she brought me a box full! We were in Astoria on Mon and Tue. :( Sad for a foodie. Nothing was open. Did have fried oysters from Clementes and I was so pleased. They made them Gluten Free for me. And, they were really good.

            Shelton again, was the bomb. I told Xinh that we travel special to her place and she brought us a complimentary bowl of fresh steamed clams!

            If've ya not been to Toro Brava-do go. Next trip, it's Tasty and Sons for me.
            Thx again!

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              I'd add Pok Pok to your next visit :-D


              We were there in March, and it was every bit as good as we expected.