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dining with kids in Anchorage

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We will be arriving this summer in Anchorage to begin a family biking trip and would like some ideas for dinner in a family friendly restaurant afer a lengthy trip starting in New York City at about 6:00 AM. we will be staying at Springhill Suites.

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  1. what kind of food. What price point and do you have a car?

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      We probably prefer either Italian or American and moderate prices -perhaps there might be someplace with a kids' menu. We will not have a car with us.

      1. re: tahmore

        there is an outback within walking distance and within cab distance is the mooses tooth, very busy brewpub noisy - ok with families expect a wait fun atmosphereu are near many chain type places. Romanos italian is pretty close -Spenard Roadhouse is good pretty close and fun

        1. re: coastie

          thanks for these suggestions. I read about the Moose's Tooth in other places as well.

          1. re: tahmore

            Its really good beer really good root beer fast service but the wait is 30 min on the super fast side to 1.5 hour
            pizza for everyone taste even a gluten free crust

            1. re: coastie

              The wait sounds daunting. Do they take any reservations? It sounds doubtful.

              1. re: tahmore

                pretty sure its first come. It is a daunting wait. Check out Spenard roadhouse - its about same distance - has something for everyone. American food with twists - very plain items and fun stuff too - runs from tater tots and mac and cheese to miso glazed pork belly and letuuce wraps - they have pizza too.