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Apr 13, 2012 04:04 PM

Good, inexpensive takeout near Reston?

I miss San Diego places like the Chicken Pie Shop, Blue Water, etc.

I found Reston Kabob, and like to hit them up frequently. I know about Silver Diner. I just find myself going to Chilis or Boston Market too often... I'd like to find a few more spots.

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  1. I had a more thoughtful post about finished when my laptop decided to reboot. Search me or Polly G and you'll find quite a lot more.

    But for takeout specifically:
    - Cafe Sano in South Lakes as well as Flippin Pizza
    - KMart Center in Herndon: Charcoal Kebab (we love Reston Kebab, too - CK has better sides, so it depends on what you want), The Deli (note that named sandwiches come with double meat portions so you can ask for single portions at reduced rate - I love the Hot Sicilian), The Thai place there is very good and probably the best in the immediate area, if it's still there SKIP Dona tacqueria (long story - just trust me).

    - Santini's and Naked Pizza by Home Depot

    - You can take out pho, and I heartily recommend Pho Reston 75 in the Tall Oaks center. They also have a full Vietnamese menu

    - Jimmy's provides takeout (old town Herndon). The Friday fish fry is a good place to start.

    - Many like Pica Deli, though I'm not one; KSB on John Milton Drive is decent though (still - go to The Delia - why bother with less than the best?)

    - Guapo's for good enough Peruvian chicken and really good fried Yuca (though they give a small portion size) - there are other things on the menu as well

    - And while they're a small drive, you should know about Windy City Redhots up on Rt. 7, and I'll be checking out Double DD BBQ tomorrow most likely.

    But look for Sterling posts as well. Just about any Mexican place will leave you disappointed since you came from SD. I really wouldn't try, but if you are determined then try the real holes in the wall such as the convenience mart in the parking lot of Lake Anne or the restaurant inside the drug store at Lake Anne. We used to have a good taco truck but I don't know where he went.

    Apparently there will be a Bratwurst truck coming soon: