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Apr 13, 2012 03:33 PM

Question about Lyon dinners

I am going to be in Lyon for 3 weeknights. I'm not too worried about lunch but I'd like to figure out where I am going to go for dinner (and make reservations if I can).

Can you give me some feedback on my tentative list?

I want to do at least one bouchon, but also want to try Le Bouchon des Filles. Is that place different enough that I could do someplace like Le Bouchon des Filles AND Cafe des Federations and not feel like I had been to the same kind of restaurant?

And then for the other night I am thinking either Potager des Halles or Leon de Lyon, or both if I only do one of the bouchons mentioned above.

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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  1. Loved Le Bouchon des Filles so in my opinion that's a great start! I just wanted to throw it out there that the whole Lyon bouchon experience is so unique to Lyon, and truly not like anything I've ever experienced elsewhere in France (pr anywhere), that we didn't really have a problem doing a horizontal bouchon experience for the 3 nights we were there. Chez Paul was quite the memory, As was Aux Trois Maries.

    1. We had an amazing dinner at Cafe des Federations. Can't compare it to Bouchon des Filles, but highly recommend a meal there. We also liked Les Loges and la Voute Chez Lea (where we had dinner) and la zone verte and le nord where we lunched. Also great oysters at les halles.

      1. I haven't been to Bouchon des Filles (couldn't get a reservation on my last visit) and haven't been to Cafe des Federations in a while, but I have very fond memories.

        Personally, I love Leon de Lyon, and never miss a chance to have either lunch or dinner there.

        1. Too many good restaurants, and not enough meals! I may have to plan on some of them for lunch instead, rather than playing lunch by ear.

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            Only problem with that is that too much good food is just exactly that -- too much. And the food in the bouchons is not light.

            1. re: ChefJune

              I agree about the food being heavy, which is why I was thinking of only doing one bouchon, but I might have to do it anyway since I don't know when I will ever come back to Lyon...

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                I'm betting that once you've been there you will want to return! ;-D

          2. Have you considered La Meuniere or Café Comptoir Abel for your bouchons? I would thoroughly recommend Le Potager des Halles (their new menu comes out today). I have lived here for over four years and eaten in over 175 cafés and restaurants and it's one of only about 15 that I regularly return to. Busy and bustling with truly excellent fresh, tasty seasonal produce that is also very good value. It's very popular with locals so you will need to make a reservation.

            It's true you couldn't eat two big meals in a day but remember that you'll get excellent/better value meals at lunch time if you order from the set menu. I have a suggestion - eat at a bouchon at lunch and then the same night go to Potager, but the bistrot side next door - where you can have small tapas plates and glasses of wine and still enjoy the atmosphere - while admiring the lovely fresque des lyonnais opposite. Killing two birds with several stones!

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              I am going to wake up early tomorrow and start calling places for reservations. I suspect that where I end up depends on where I can get in...

              Just by looking at their website, am I correct that Potager's bistrot does not take reservations?

              1. re: anonymoose

                Ah yes, I forgot that... you can reserve at the bistrot for lunch now, but not the evening. I don't think you said when you were coming? If later in the year they have a huge outside so evenings shouldn't be a problem. Also depends on day of week (not open on Mondays) - if you get there early you should be ok.
                Re reservations - I really wouldn't worry at all - I called Le Bec at lunch time today for a res tonight (at the Comptoir) and it was fine - 2 days in advance is usually all you'll need unless you're going somewhere for Sunday brunch on a holiday weekend!