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Apr 13, 2012 03:19 PM

Drinks before/after Girl & the Goat?

Going to G&TG tomorrow night and am very excited! We have a 9 pm reservation and either want to grab drinks before or after. Anywhere good within walking distance?

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  1. The Aviary is a short walk way; you can try e-mailing them to see if you can obtain a reservation. It is tough getting in as a walk up at that time of day on a Saturday though. Maudes Liquor Bar is nearby too; but they also can be very busy on Saturdays. Enjoy G&TG; I had a great time there.

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      Before (like around 8pm) may not be quite as tough at The Aviary as they usually see a little lull around then due to people eating then. You might end up at a standing table, though.

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        One other place I forgot that is also a short walk away is iNG. iNG is mainly a restaurant (it is the sister restaurant to Michelin starred venue Moto) but has a small bar area and has some really fun, creative cocktails in addition to more traditional cocktails and a small (but nice) selection of craft beers and wines by the glass. iNG's bar area is usually not full, so that could be a back up plan if you are not able to get into Aviary or Maude's.

      2. Is it too late? You can get good beer at Haymarket, if that's your cup of tea.