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Apr 13, 2012 03:01 PM

Enamelware Baking Pans


I just came across some retro looking white enamelware baking pans and a jelly roll pan with blue trim. Has anyone ever used enamelware baking pans before how do they hold up? I've only ever seen the big blue turkey roaster pan and a large lobster pot. Even if they aren't that great for baking, they are so pretty that I am thinking of just getting them for serving platters. Any thoughts or insights would greatly be appreciated.


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  1. I use granitware chicken and turkey roasters frequently. I think they work fine. For years I used a very old gray graniteware baking dish for lasagne. Graniteware is enamel over steel. I thought the old pan worked well. If you are using white with blue, you will run the risk of staining with tomato products. I've never baked cakes or pies or cookies on enamel over steel.

    It is said that steel doesn't conduct heat evenly. However I have never felt that these pans baked noticeably worse than other metals. I had a solid stainless cake pan that warped terribly. The enamel pans have not warped.

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    1. Similar to this?:

      It's really good quality, and I expect they would mail to the US.