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Catered afternoon tea?

Does anyone know of a good caterer to cater an afternoon tea/high tea baby shower? 20ish people in a home. Thanks!

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  1. If no one helps you, call the concierge at The Park Plaza hotel. They do a nice afternoon tea and may have ideas.

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        Likewise, the Four Seasons does a high tea, and might be able to offer guidance.....

    1. The Catered Affair, while expensive, would do a lovely job. Check out their tea menu at the Boston Public Library.

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        I had no idea the Public Library had afternoon tea. Looks interesting.


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          The courtyard at the library is beautiful. They host weddings during the year.

      2. Some of the pastry chefs (and/or their students) at Cambridge Culinary might pick it up on a lark.

        ETA: what a great idea - if you find someone, I'd love a report! If they have a source for non-jar clotted cream, I'd double-love a report!

        also-ETA: when talking with the caterer, you'll want to distinguish between "afternoon" tea and "high" tea, since the name can mislead a caterer who doesn't know. The Dowager Countess drinks tea, afternoon tea or low tea, while the servants drink high tea.

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          I'm betting the event is long past - this thread got bumped by a spammer (post since deleted) but it was started in April 2012.

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              True, Allstonian (ended up with non-tea from Sofra). But thank you anyway, enhF94.