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Apr 13, 2012 02:40 PM

SF Hound Arriving 4/27 - Would appreciate advice

Coming to town 4/27 for 3 nights to visit my son who moved there a few months ago (he lives in Allston and works at the Yard House by Fenway) and to celebrate my birthday. Staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Love all kinds of food particularly Italian (I'm half Italian - the bottom half :),
Live in north beach in SF. I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater although I don't think I will pull the trigger on the pig's head at Craigie on Main even though it would be a unique experience. Absolutely love food but like it more straight forward - not into foam, molecular gastronomy or 2 oz of protein for $60.

I';ve read a bunch of posts and would appreciate feedback/ advice.

Only reservation so far is Prezza in the north end for my B-Day din din.Not sure what other dinners should book. Considering Marliave. 10 BOSWORTH STREET and Yankee Fare at Durgin Park.Would appreciate recommendations. Open to anything.

List for Lunch/ Snackipoos - Oysters on half shell, Neptune Oyster, North End, Boston - best place for lobster roll?
Pizzeria Regina - love pizza!
(Mike's pastry - My Mom is from Dorechester. Moved to bay area 57 years ago but says I have to go here. I realize many CHs don't like this place. Café Sport, and Modern Pastry recommended).
Chacarero at Chacarero 101 Arch St. - Chilean sandwiches - fresh bread, meats. cheap
Union Oyster House - 41 union - Mom also says I have to go here since it's the oldest restaurant in the US
Sam Legrassa 44 province street 617-357-6861 sanwiches - pastrami, meat loaf
Chez Henri Cubano Harvad Square

I'm also really into live music/ bars. Both my son and I play.
Near him in Allston is live music at Harper's Farm, Wonder Bar has jazz, O'briens has live music.
Sunset Grill and Tap are just a bar, Deep Ellum - gastropub

McGann's Pub - 197 Portland - live music - near hotel
Bell in Hand - Oldest bar in america is near hotel
In case of emergency - Closest bar to hotel that I think I would like is JJ Foley's Bar and Grill
Craft drinks at high end restaurants:
Eastern Standard 528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
Clio - 370 Commwealth Ave -
Deuxave - 371 commonwealth Ave
Friend recommended Top of the Hub Prudential building 800 Boylston for view and live jazz
Russell House Tavern14 JFK Street, Cambridge,
Drink - 348 Congress St. This is close to hotel. Right across bridge south.
Paradise Rock Club - live music - 967 Commonwealth Avenue,

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Johnny D's in Somerville, and Scullers in Cambridge for music. You seem to have the food in control!

    1. your list is pretty full already, I'd only point out that some of the touristy places will not give you any local flavor (Union Oyster House, Bell, even Regina). If your mom is from Dorchester you could go to DBar (same owners as Deuxave, which is good as well) or, 224 Boston or Ashmont Grill and tell her how much the neighborhood has changed.

      Your son must have some local ideas in Allston, BonChon Korean fried chicken for one, and the Super 88 food court for low brow but authentic. Have fun and be sure to tell us how it went.

      1. The Beehive has good music, as does Wally's & The Lilypad in Inman Sq. Cambridge--Good food to be had in Inman(East Coast Grill, The Druid + many others)

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          RE: Music. Wonderbar no longer has jazz, but Beehive suggestion is good, as is Les Zygomates in the leather district and Darryl's Corner Bar on Columbus/South End. Union Oyster food is absolutely awful and overpriced. Top of the Hub does have decent jazz but be aware that there is a $24 minimum to sit down there after 8pm. You may want to explore a little in Cambridge...Middle Eastern and TT the Bear's for live music with great food options in Central Sq.

        2. i prefer the japanese food at Clio/Uni; Clio does have a molecular side to it. There are plenty of good Italian places in Boston; Oriental is good but not as good as in SF.

          1. Thanks for the info. My Mom went back about 10 years ago. Her best friend still lives there. Not renting a car so that seems like quite a trek,(does the T go that far?) although it would be fun to look up her old house. The Beehive looks cool and close. "Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade' will be playing on my B-Day. That looks like fun. My son is not much help when it comes to dining anyway. The boy doesn't have two quarters to rub together. I think he mostly eats at the restaurant or fast food. He doesn't even know his schedule yet. He's suppose to get off for the Sat night but who knows with these kids? Gotta stay flexible.

            It does seem like my laundry list contains too much touristy stuff. I would like more local flavor. What restaurants should we chose for the other two dinners? Is Yankee fare a good choice? Marliave? What restaurant/s is unique to Boston?

            Thanks again.

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              The T Red Line has several stops in Dorchester and there is also good bus service. At there are several rider tools that can tell you how to get to a certain destination from a certain destination. There really isn't "yankee fare" anymore but Durgin Park is the most historic (others chime in if I'm wrong). Neptune Oyster is a very special place, go early or late for lunch and be prepared to spend for quality and quantity but being from SF you aren't going to have much sticker shock. Top of the Hub, skip.