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Apr 13, 2012 01:54 PM

Best Steak in SD

I am absolutely craving steak. I've been to Donovan's before and found it okay, nothing I'd go back for.

Right now I'm leaning towards Cowboy Star for tonight's dinner. I've grown accustomed to great steak, i.e. Peter Luger's, and while I don't expect that in San Diego...if you guys could point me to someplace that is head and shoulders above the local competition, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. For me, Cowboy Star is the best.

    I have a coworker that is also from New York and I tried several different steak places with him (Donovan's, Flemming's, Island Prime, Ruth Chris). There are only two restaurants that he was willing to go back to were Cowboy Star and Truluck's.

    1. Been to Cowboy Star, Peter Lugers Ruths Chris, Donovans, Flemings, The Palm, West Steakhouse and Trulucks.

      I'd return to Cowboy Star, West Steakhouse and Trulucks, with Cowboy Star FTW.

      1. Hate to overstate the case for CS, especially to someone who has been to Lugers etc., but Star is really the best steak in our town.

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          Well, Friday night was surprising. Cowboy Star was NOT all it was cracked up to be. Myself and a buddy ordered steaks. I ordered the 20 oz ribeye, he had whatever the 35 day aged one was. Waited almost 45 minutes after finishing our appetizers before entrees arrived. Steaks were EXTREMELY fatty, grisly, tough, and undercooked. I ordered medium-rare..this steak was very rare in some parts..unfortunately I didn't get to the more rare sections until I had eaten a about a quarter of the steak....and I don't like to be the guy who sends things back after eating a healthy portion. The flavor was good, but overall this was not a good steak and would not recommend.

            1. re: yanks26dmb

              did you make your experience known to management? I have never seen a "fatty, gisly, tough" steak at CS

              1. re: yanks26dmb

                Having been here a couple dozen times without even a slight misstep, I would call that highly unusual. Also, even if you did not want to send it back, you really ought to tell the restaurant when you are that unsatisfied. Give them a chance to do something.

                1. re: eatemup

                  Very odd. Been to Cowboy Star numerous times, always outstanding. I suspect it may be an issue of expectation. However, at a high end restaurant, I would never hesitate to send something back...

                  1. re: eatemup

                    I've been to Cowboy Star many times and Donovan's many dozens of times, always a great experience and great food. Never had a grisley or tough steak, at either place.

              2. I had quite a delicious steak at JRDN. I didn't love JRDN overall, I felt it was kind of pricey, but I will say my grass-fed bison NY strip with maitre'd butter and sauce bearnaise was beautifully prepared. It felt like a steak I'd have to travel outside of San Diego to get. I really liked that they offered such a throwback rendition. If I was in the mood for a good steak dinner, I would probably consider going back.

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                1. re: Josh

                  JRDN has always been one of my favorite places for a long time.Very good, very good ambience, and extensive wine list. Love the sides as well.

                  I also enjoy Cowboy Star and Grant Grill inside the US Grant.

                  You are correct--you won't find a Luger on the West Coast (though they do have a Wolfgang's in Beverly Hills).

                2. Color me unimpressed with Peter Luger. I went once, and was not satisfied. Steaks were cooked fine but it was terribly bland and the sauce they give you with it? Blech.

                  I've been to cowboy star 3 times. First two times were excellent, 3rd time the steak left a lot to be desired.

                  Had Donovans about 3 months ago, big party, everyone agreed, where is the flavor? I mean, I understand leaving it simple to taste the beef but when there is no salt on it, it's a waste of time.

                  I'd rather have Mastros in OC/LA. Ruths Chris is ok, dependable if not spectacular.

                  One of the better steaks I had, surprisingly, was at the Palms.