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Apr 13, 2012 01:37 PM

Food trucks in Sarasota

I tried one of the new food trucks on Ringling and Links Ave today. Mmm mmmm. I had a Baja burrito with beef.4.99 for regular burrito and 50 cents more for the beef. It was quite tasty. Beans, rice meat and a crazy good Pico de Gallo. They let you add your own hot sauce right before they wrap it up. Nice touch. There is also a sliders truck, a Mac n cheese truck, a steak and cheese truck and an ice cream truck. A picnic table in the corner for those that want to sit and eat if you don't want to take it to go. I will try the others another time as they smelled good. Especially the sliders truck. And they are big sliders. It's about time we got some food trucks here. Side note- l saw a Thai truck on 17th today, too. Looking forward to trying that one,too. Anyone else tried the other trucks and can tell me how they are?

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  1. I have had the mac n cheese from O'Macalicious (the mac n cheese truck). It is a very simple, straightforward mac n cheese, but it's really good. They do a dish called "the Works" where they put the mac n cheese on top of tater tots and top that with bacon, scallions, and sour cream. Amazing!

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      Oh lord, that sounds good. There isn't anything in that I cannot get behind. Can I have that times two as my last meal? I think I need to try that soon. Have you tried any of the others?

      1. re: suzigirl

        not yet, but will let you know when I do!

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          I plan on trying it another cart next week. Hope I get the time this week as I want to not only support the locals, but get my grub on. I will also report back to you on the outcome. Anyone else that has tried them please give a shout. It seems once season is over this board goes a little stale. :-(