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Apr 13, 2012 12:21 PM

Tertulia Review -- Meh

Went to Tertulia last night for dinner.

The food was good, not amazing, but I found the space to be ridiculously cramped and the service was slightly annoying. We had what was likely an actor/server, the type who lives to recite specials as if monologues. I thought I had been transported to the scene in Portlandia when she described the lambs in the lamb sausage as "happy lambs who were fed alfafa sprouts".

I could have lived with that but they staggered the food and brought out some tasty ham that was of the slimy variety and really required bread (which we bought with tomato spread because the server said we really should since they go well together). When it didn't arrive after a couple of minutes, my husband asked her about it and she said it would be arriving shortly. Fifteen minutes later we got it and only then did she come back to ask how the food was going. It seemed likely she had been avoiding us while we sat staring at a plate of meat waiting for its accompaniment. They had a deviled egg special which we were told was $4 each. Maybe I'm a bumpkin, but I would think that mean you get two egg halfs for $4. Of course it meant one half. I am not cheap when it comes to really good food, but as we ate our tasty (but not amazing) deviled egg halves, I looked at my husband and said, "we just ate an eight dollar egg."

It's communal tables, which is not my favorite, but worse than that, incredibly cramped. We had to squeeze down to the end of our table and when it was time to go, no exaggeration here, my husband had to wait 5 minutes before he could stand up because the server for the other table was taking an order.

I shouldn't slam it, the food, while not memorable, was nicely executed. But I thought it was overpriced and uncomfortable and not worth the hype, happy lambs notwithstanding.

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  1. I agree about the space being uncomfortable and, in my opinion, far too loud. But I've been a couple of times and always been seated at a table for two. In Spain, jamon Iberico, with its attached fat, is not usually eaten with bread, but rather, served unadorned on the plate. So if that is the ham you ordered, maybe they were carrying the authentic idea too far for your taste. Was the tomato jam delicious?

    I've had only two dishes there that did not wow me...the kale salad and the smoked chicken. The rest was so good that I would have returned many times but for the discomfort that you describe, and the no reservations policy. Thanks for taking the time to report back.

    1. I've only been once because I had waiting. I thought the food was very good but I did not order that $8 egg. Ouch! Was it topped with caviar?

      1. "the food, while not memorable, was nicely executed. But I thought it was overpriced and uncomfortable and not worth the hype"


        1. Bummer. I've always wanted to try this place but I'm not surprised by the egg cost considering most hotels will charge the same or more (those leisurely breakfasts not included with your stay) for a couple of scrambled eggs. And I won't mention the cost of a dinky glass of grapefruit juice.

          Cost of a dinkly glass of grapefruit juice. :)

          Maybe Tertulia's eggs come from a farm with nice hens that are fed acorns. Did they taste like squirrels? lol

          1. I agree with you vvv03, the dining room is nicely designed albeit a bit cramped and loud, but the food is nothing special. Not sure why Tertulia is getting so much hype... the Seamus Mullen effect I guess.