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Apr 13, 2012 12:19 PM

Critique My Meals, Looking for Suggestions

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I will be in London for several days. After much research, and drawing on the 36 hours I spent there last year, I've come up with the following restaurants-

Hawksmoor at Spitalfields
Opera Tavern
Newman Arms
Moti Mahal
Great Queen St
random food stalls at Borough

I need a place for Sunday dinner, and some lunch ideas around Buckingham Palace, or at least on the way from there to Tower of London- not exactly on the way, but considering Belgo? Open to any cuisine and since I already have some splurges, would like to keep it around 25-40 per person including some wine or beers. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excellent Cantonese food at Tuli, on Tooley street, near Tower Bridge.

    1. Moti Mahal is the only one on the list that I've eaten at - but I regard as the best Indian food experience I've had. They have a set menu offer which is an absolute steal.

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        I like Belgo for frites, moules and roast chicken. Just yesterday I noticed there's a new, fairly large one on Kingsway near the Holborn Tube and Great Queen St. You can't go wrong with a meal at Great Queen St. or stop at Anchor & Hope on the way to Tower Bridge.. the restaurant is five minute's walk from the Tube at Waterloo.