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Apr 13, 2012 11:45 AM

Rockridge/Oak/Berk Area-What is the best taco truck?

I'm putting an event together in my boss' backyard and will be renting a taco truck for the catering. Any suggestions or favorites?


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  1. ojo de agua which apparently moved to the corner of derby and E14th- which is about halfway between the goodwill and wendy's on the same side of the street. Their tortas are huge and good, but I go there for tacos.

    there is also a taco truck write up here on this site that you could check out. Dont know the link.

    1. I tried to do this once and found it harder than expected. The popular trucks in E. Oakland won't move from their usual locations for your event. Best to either find someone who thinks it's a good gig or has multiple trucks. There used to be a taco truck (good but not great) on Ashby, parked right before you turn into Weatherford BMW, on the south side, and they do catering. That's the closest I can think of to Rockridge.

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        That is Tacos El Rey. The owner, Ausencio, is the nicest guy possible. The number to reach him is 510-593-1020

      2. Taqueria Sinaloa is my favorite truck.
        (510) 535-1206
        They have a extra truck and a sandwich board out saying they do parties.

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          Someone reported last week about Sinaloa doing and event for them. If you do a search for "taco truck cater" you should turn up some previous discussions.

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            Sorry do not see any reporting back on the Sinaloa Truck, but it would probably be more of interest to the OP than me.

        2. Just back from Sinaloa the prices listed on the truck are
          100 people $900, the price per person drops with larger numbers.

          1. My work got the taco truck that parks at the Hotsy Totsy in Albany to come to our work party at the Albany Bowl (albeit only a few blocks away). So tasty! Tacos El Autlense.

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              When is it at the Hotsy Totsy? Never seen it. Thanks.