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Apr 13, 2012 11:29 AM

SC-Aptos dining with solid veggie options

we three college roomies get together once a year for a reunion. Two of us are omnivores, (one adventurous, one not) one is a vegetarian leaning towards raw foods. We are looking for some new ideas for dinner on a Thurs nite, after a day on the road. Would like to find a nice comfy place, mid price range, quiet, no interminable wait lines, with solid and adventurous veggie options.

Can someone point us to some choices? We'll be there onthe 26th.

Thanks so much!

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  1. How about Bittersweet Bistro, they have a wide variety, and it's a nice atmosphere.

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    1. re: caldance

      Do you know if they have inspired veg daily specials? The menu actually looks very meat-centric. Only interesting veg dish I saw was a $20 mushroom risotto, other than a veg pizza and plain veg sides.

      1. re: toodie jane

        Don't know about their specials, but when I've gone there with vegetarians, they never seem to have trouble selecting something yummy. We also love their desserts.
        For another restaurant with a quiet atmosphere, you could try Leili, in downtown Santa Cruz; also enough things for a vegetarian, and very nice surroundings.

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          And I forgot about Au Midi- I'm going there next week, and I was checking the menu out. A couple really nice sounding vegetarian entrees. The food is great there, and the atmosphere peaceful.

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            you didn't say; is this is SC or elsewhere?

    2. Not sure if it may help, TJ, but just ran across this from Michael Bauer in last Sunday's Chron.

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        1. Adding to this thread from last year to report on our lunch last week at Au Midi in Aptos.

          Au Midi

          7960 Soquel Dr.