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Apr 13, 2012 11:22 AM

Moving to Methuen...

I have read many threads as I try to get a handle on the restaurants and take out places in the Methuen area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for high end places just comfortable places with good food and drink. Thanks very much.

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  1. Thwaites comes to mind. I've seen a bunch of places cited on CH and starting to get curious. Perhaps a chowcrawl?

    1. Thwaites for sure for meat and for their very tasty pub style pies.
      Korbani's bakery for Syrian bread and other middle eastern treats.
      Borelli's Italian Deli ...great takeout .Also, in Lawrence North End Deli is phenomenal but they are only open until 4pm.
      Piro's Bakery for Pizza, calzone or pastry. Same for Tripoli's in Lawrence although I like Piro's a bit better.
      Mann's Apple Orchard
      Raymond's Turkey Farm.
      For Mexican, eat in or takeout, Mexico Lindo in Methuen Square
      For Breakfast, Country Kitchen, Al's Family DIner, Irish Cottage ( also good for dinner)
      For drinks and good American Fare, The FireSide
      Tons of restaurants in Methuen and surrounding areas.

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        Went out exploring today and got to Thwaites and Borelli's. I picked up some sausages (apple/pork and tomato) and a mixture of meat pies. Pies had great crust and the broccoli and cheese were great. Borelli's has all high end cold cuts and had a very busy take out area. Will put this on the lunch time list. Irish Cottage is great. Great food and great atmosphere. Looks like a lot os small pubs in the area. More exploring to do. Thanks all.