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Apr 13, 2012 11:21 AM

Krispy Pizza, Freehold & Old Bridge

Several of my Freehold neighbors who hale from Brooklyn have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Krispy's new location at the iPlay shopping plaza in Freehold and their inial reports were all good. On our recent visit, we found it to be just another pizza joint. We started with a large cold antipasto salad which was listed as coming with salami and cheese. For $9, the cheese portion was average (there could have been more) and the salami, a few deli slices, was practically non-existent. We ordered a couple of standard dishes from the kitchen which were both pretty good ... spaghetti and meatballs and chicken parm. The red sauce, albeit a bit on the sweet side, was tasty. With some high expectations, we also ordered a grandma pie which Krispy touts as their specialty. This was a big disappointment. I hate to say this, but It looked and tasted like an Ellio's frozen pizza. Nothing special about the pie at all. Will likely return to try more food from the kitchen and give their standard round pie a taste, but I was hoping for so much more.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. I frequent the 516 location and am pretty fond of the thin crust square Grandmas, round fresh mozz pie, and thier Sicilian pie ispretty good. Now were not talking Denino's, but a good piazza joint. Their other dishes are mediocre standard pizzeria fare.

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      I grew up with Krispy Pizza (among many other pizzeria's) in Brooklyn in the late 70's and early 80's and they always offered a very solid slice which was, in fact, quite crispy! When the Old Bridge location opened a few years ago, i was excited to see a good Brooklyn pizza place open up nearby. After several early visits, my feeling was that it was not the same as what i remembered from my youth - most of what i tried was quite ordinary and was not really any better than all the other ordinary local places.

      Then i tried their "Palermo" pie - a fresh mozzarella square - and was sold. It is an outstanding pie. As opposed to their Grandma pie, which I agree is not that great, this one is really good. A light and airy crust as opposed to their Grandma's dense and flat crust. Its sort of in the style of Brooklyn's L&B in the sense that the cheese goes on first, then the sauce - and a lot of it. But it is different from L&B in that the sauce is chunky and more "fresh" tasting. You do have to like a saucy pizza to enjoy it, which i do when it comes to sicilian style pies. If you like that style, then give it a try. It's pretty much the only thing i order there now - their rice ball is also pretty good, but my homemade one is better, so i never order it!

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        I tried the new Krispy pizza location today and I enjoyed it very much. The vodka pie is to die for. I have been to the Brooklyn and old bridge locations and I found the food and service to be consistent at all three restaurants, very good. The people behind the counter were friendly and helpful.. I waited until today to go to the pizzeria because, like any foodie knows, you give a new restaurant a little while to work out the kinks. For Krispy pizza though I have nothing bad to say upon my first visit in the first month of their opening. The pizza is delicious, the staff is nice, and the prices are appropriate. 
        I give this pizzeria a 10 and I'm glad their new location is in the neighborhood.