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Apr 13, 2012 11:04 AM

Small work dinner Tuesday night near the Ferry Building [San Francisco]

Well I'm trying to come up with a nice restaurant near the Ferry Building for a Tuesday night dinner with six co-workers. Three of my team is traveling from out of town so I was thinking of taking the Oakland Ferry to add a little fun and get a view of the city. The ferry arrives at 5:10 and we need to leave at 8:25 to head back to Oakland. Slanted Door is booked, Boulevard is a little pricey and a little too fancy. Also have one vegeterian in the group. Kokkari might be a little too far to walk. Epic Roadhouse might also be too pricey.

I thought of just taking the ferry to and from the city and having dinner at Bocanova in Oakland but it might be nice to stay in the city if I can come up with a good spot. We will be out in Pleasaonton during the day. I have searched the board and Open Table but could still use some help. Thanks.

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  1. La Mar or Chaya could work. Neither are my favorites in SF, but they are pleasant, well done and spacious enough to accommodate groups.

    1. Perbacco's excellent and quiet. I haven't been to Sens lately but it would work.

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        Actually was able to book the Slanted Door. Seems perfect. I didn't realize that I needed to call for a larger party but I was able to get a reservation. Thanks for the ideas.

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          Unless you're seated in the glassed-off back room, the Slanted Door is so noisy that you probably won't all be able to hear each other.