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Apr 13, 2012 11:01 AM

Dress code at upscale places (e + robuchon)

Hi again, my chowiest of chow hounders!

I really despise sport coats for dining (dinner), as they are way too constrictive (at least anything form fitting) and heavy. Are these required at any high end place in Vegas? Specifically (from my other thread) e, Sage, Robuchon. Might as well require women to wear a corset or something.

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  1. Sport coats are definitely not required at Sage and e. When I dined at Robuchon last month, many men did wear a sports coat, but not all.

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      Thanks ellenost. I assume Robuchon they would prefer slacks to dress jeans?

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        I think you'll be fine if you wear a button-down shirt with slacks and shoes (not the kind of place for sneakers). I hope you have a great time and post a report about your dinners.

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        They're also not required at Guy Savoy, Twist, Picasso nor at any other restaurant on the Strip to which I've been. Corsets are optional...

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        1. Robuchon does request a jacket on their website. I'm ALWAYS hot, so I took it off before eating. I had a nice short sleeved dress shirt on. I didn't want to be REALLY uncomfortable when trying to enjoy my meal.

          é you can probably wear what you want, but most people were in a shirt and slacks. (Again, I was in short sleeves.) Dress jeans would be fine.

          Oh and heh, I wore a fancy-ish pair of walking shoes to both places... a cut above sneakers, but not really dress shoes. It worked with the outfits, though, and was comfortable.

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            Several other places request a jacket as well; none require. I've verified this by emails, and in person.

          2. I've seen Daisy Duke's and tube tops with clear Candies...but that was for the huge awards show that Vegas is so infamous for.

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              Presumably not on a guy :) Girls, it seems, can almost get away with anything if they look hot.