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Apr 13, 2012 09:42 AM

Coronado Eats?

Heading down to SD for a five day trip next month, and will be staying in Coronado. Are there any don't miss restaurants in the area? Any authentic Mexican or Japanese (or really, authentic ethnic food of any variety)? How about some good spots for breakfast?

(Also, what are some recommended places for lunch within walking distance of Balboa Park? I gather that the food in the park isn't too good: are there any decent places perhaps not too far from the Museum area?)


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  1. For fine dining, 1500 Ocean and whatever-it's-called-now at Lowes. Shoot me, I enjoy iL Fornaio.

    There's a new place I've not yet been- somebody?

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    1. re: Fake Name

      Just wanted to add that Aaron Martinez recently left Oceans 1500 in case anyone thought that might have an influence

      1. re: Rodzilla

        Wow, that didn't last long. Have they hired a replacement?

          1. re: foodiechick

            He got a good offer for a sous chef position in SF. Kind of depressing that a sous chef position in SF ranks higher for some chefs than a chef de cuisine position in one of the top-ranking restaurants in SD

            1. re: honkman

              true, but COI does have 2 Michelin stars and I'm sure there were other factors that lead to the choice.

              1. re: Rodzilla

                We really like Coi and had some of our best tasting menus there but at the same time we always hope that SD can keep some of their best and most creative chefs. SD has a number of good chefs but as with most cities there is only a very small number of chefs which truely stand out in terms of creativity and execution and who are capable to create memorable tasting menus (the kind of dinner we prefer most and would like to have more often in SD). SD has lost quite a few of those chefs in the last few years, e.g. Schmidt, Neroni, Kennedy, Siebert, Bartolome and now Martinez. There are not many of these kind of chefs left in SD. 4-5 years ago we had the impression that dining in SD is getting better and better but over the last 1-2 years its getting really bad in terms of interesting places in SD

                1. re: honkman

                  Agreed, but I am still optimistic that it will improve. There are many places that don't much attention around SD and I'm not sure if that's on account of the cooking not warranting it, or just a lack of exposure. I would love to get your take on some more places.

                  Perhaps I should start a new thread for this, but I am really impressed by Redzkowki's background (flavor del mar) I visited the other night and would like to go back for a tasting. You and I are suited for a meet-up soon enough. Let's discuss :)

                  1. re: Rodzilla

                    Flavor might be indeed a good place to meet and trst out their new tasting menu.

                    1. re: honkman

                      karaethon certainly seemed to enjoy it

      2. if you scroll further down the page, you'll find links to a bunch of other discussions about dining on Coronado. you might find some useful stuff there.

        will you be there on a Sunday? if so, i'd recommend enjoying a blowout brunch at the Market Cafe at Loews or 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del.

        1. Pretty tasty food and and beer selection at Leroy's Lounge, grab a table by the open windows at lunch. There are a couple of new taverns that we have yet to try.

          1. Sapori for Italian
            Brigantine happy hour..great fish tacos
            Leroy's Lounge
            Market Cafe at Loew's resort for brunch..Mistral for dinner
            1500 Ocean at Hotel Del..great seafood
            Crown Room Sunday brunch at the Hotel Del
            Danny Palms for burger and beers

            Prado for lunch at Balboa Park
            Las Cuatro Milpas across the SD bridge and under it for divey Mex.

            You can take the water taxi over to Downtown SD

            1. I would also use Mariott's water taxi, a small boat that holds maybe 16, will take you to Seaport Village, and also closer to the Gaslamp.