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Apr 13, 2012 07:51 AM

Must Eat Dinner and Must drink Cocktails, staying @ Fairmount

Hi everyone,

I am making my first ever trip to Dalls for a conference in a week and am looking for some recomendations, I will only have one night for a solo dinner (tuesday) and will have the opportunty for one or two nights to get out see some of the city and grab a few cocktails and app's. What are the must see, must try places close by? I am a foodie at heart and am coming from Philly, I am huge fan of classic cocktails and have zero eating phobias/restictions. Thanks!!!

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  1. First, you have the Pyramid Room in your hotel which is a great restaurant.
    But, I'd walk up the street to either Stephan Pyles or Samar.

    Samar would be my first choice for being on my own because it's more casual than the aforementioned and, you can sit at the "chef's bar" or the regular bar and feel innocuous but not "invisible".

    Although, you might enjoy the "Ceviche Bar" at Stephan Pyles.

    I'd also think you might like Nick and Sam's Grill for one of those "night's out on the town". Great vibe and great food.

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      Thanks so much, at quick website glance these look like awesome choices!!

    2. Must eat close to your hotel would be Tei An. It is a world class Japanese restaurant.

      The Chesterfield would be a good place for cocktails that is close by

      1. You might take a look at Cedars Social also.