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Apr 13, 2012 07:45 AM

Sunday Brunch near Ambler

Hey looking for a nice brunch (not William Penn Inn) for a group (8-10) just need some ideas - We had thought of Max and David's but I heard yesterday that they were closed - We would like bar service too! We'd also like to be able to make a reservation

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  1. I am told that the Spring House Tavern has one:

    There is also Zake's Cake, Joseph Ambler Inn, Normandy Farm.....

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    1. re: PattiCakes

      I haven't been in a few years but I always fournd Zake's to be noisy. Also, they have no bar. Joseph Ambler is a good choice. I think Mica in Chestnut Hill serves brunch, as does Avenida. Not too far from Ambler.

    2. Max and David might be closed for Passover, other kosher places are. The holiday ends Saturday daytime. Not sure regarding taking reservations. Zake's is smaller then Patticaskes other suggestions.

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      1. In Horsham, na'Brasa offers a nice brunch. I believe that the Joseph Ambler Inn only serves brunch on certain Sundays, Like Easter, Mother's Day and the like.

        1. What's the farthest from Ambler you're willing to drive?

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          1. re: lauracohenromano

            not to far maybe within a 30 minute drive

            1. re: ndeininger

              In Chestnut Hill, you have a number of options. There's Cake which is very good, but BYOB. There's Heirloom, also BYOB, but next door to a Wine and Spirits store. Mica's, which has already been mentioned, is also very good for brunch and it has bar service. Bear in mind that all three are kind of small but can accommodate a group of your size. I'd check with them, though. Another place to think about is the Valley Green Inn which is charming and has a bar. However, the last time I was there was about 7 years ago so I can't vouch for them now. At that time they had a very pleasant brunch menu. Oh, and there's Roller's as well which has bar service.

          2. Best brunch I have had near Ambler has to be Normandy Farms in Blue Bell.
            Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!
            Was there for Father's Day, Mother's Day & Birthdays over the past few years....

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            1. re: Stevefood

              Were you there after Jim gave up control?I have only heard problems about quality and consistency with regard to Normandy Farms. Buyer beware.

              1. re: cwdonald

                BTW, what ever happened to Jim? He's certainly disappeared from the local scene.

                1. re: Chefpaulo

                  Well he stopped for a drink of water at the World Cafe Live... latest I heard was


                2. re: cwdonald

                  Yes, yes indeed. Problems, high price low quality is all I have heard about Normandy Farms. Seems to be under that dark cloud! Coleman's was a HUGE failure. Certainly someone could make it work!

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    I was there when Jim was there so that solves that!