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Apr 13, 2012 07:43 AM

One dinner and maybe a breakfast or brunch in or near Edison

We'll be traveling south and stopping in or around Edison for one night, probably either a Sunday night or a Friday night. We like all kinds of food, prefer prices on the moderate side, and have a very calm toddler who also eats most anything. So what do you think is the one place in or near Edison that we should try?

We're leaning toward Wonder Seafood or the food court at H-Mart, but don't get the idea that we have a preference for Asian... anything good is good!

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    1. re: JustJake

      I will, it looks like a good candidate. Thank you.

    2. For breakfast there's Le Peep just a bit further south on Rte 1 , on the opposite side .

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          1. re: arpad

            We ate at Le Peep, and it was quite good. We each had a skillet breakfast, and my son's meal off the children's menu was ample and good. We were on our way home and suffering somewhat from Child Menu Shock - getting inferior food and tiny portions at prices that look good on the surface, but are not good value.

            Coffee was good as well, and we liked having the thermos on the table. Exactly what we needed to start the day.

            So, thanks!

            1. re: CoachJ

              I've always enjoyed their skillet dishes and the thermos of hot coffee was perfect .
              Glad you liked it .

      1. If you are interested in Indian food there are plenty in Edison. I've only been to Rasoi (the one in Iselin) and would highly recommend it. Delicious!
        Wonder Seafood is a great choice too especially for weekend Dim Sum.

        If you do a search on here for Thai, Asian or Indian in Edison you will see lots of rec's... Have fun!

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        1. re: cmarie

          We went to Rasoi and found it more than acceptable. We couldn't believe the amount of dishes that we got for the small price we paid, and the quality was very good. Thanks for the rec!