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Apr 13, 2012 05:11 AM

Where can I get a really Good Large Lobster?

Where can I get a really Good Large Lobster ( 3lbs or larger)? In Manhattan, or the South Shore of Long Island.
Price is not an object.

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        I was think of the Palm myself, I haven't been there in a long time but I do remember them being very good.

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          I know you said price is not an issue but I'd wait a few weeks for the summer special that they usually run if you're planning on 4lb +. For the price you'd pay now for a 4lber you might get a 5 or 6lber + 2 salads and 2 sides when the special is on. A 4lber doesn't quite fill me up for lunch but I can't finish a 5lber plus the sides/salads.

      2. I agree with other posters that the Palm has a good large lobster ( it used to be 3 lbs., not sure what it is now). For a really large and good lobster Francisco's Centro Vasco on W 23rd St has lobsters, that go up to 15 lb. They have Skeletons of larger ones hanging from the ceiling. I had a 12 lb lobster there with 4 people, it was excellent. I thought such a large lobster would be tough, but I was mistaken, it was sweet and not tough. The tiny feet usually on a lobster with little bit of meat, on these big ones had tons of meat. The claws were bigger than your hand. That is the place for the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. The prices are extremely reasonable.

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          Would anyone pick either t Sparks or The Strip House, if one of us wants Lobster and the other wants Steak?